The Core Houston was so excited to be featured on KTRK ABC13 Eyewitness News and ABC13.com last month! The story "What to Look For When Signing a Contract" highlighted The Core Houston as a "no contract" gym which means we don't require our members to sign a lengthy contract, providing them only with an easy, no hassle 30 day notification policy if they wish to cancel their membership. Thanks to Tara and other members for participating!  Thanks to ABC13 for featuring us! 

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Lee and Shirley, The Core Houston

The Core Houston is one of the largest personal training gyms and wellness facilities in the United States offering expert personal training, wellness services, state of the art equipment, first class amenities and other services to its members in Houston, Texas.

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Let me guess, it's February and you are trying to stay motivated right? You joined or returned to the gym, and you're going all out on the treadmill or another cardio machine killing yourself to try to lose those awful 5 to 10 pounds of weight you put on during the holidays. You made it through January and you are committed to this! But are you overdoing it? 

Predicament: You're psyched, champing at the bit, ready to go and on the treadmill, but the person next to you just won't just shut the heck up and leave you to the all-out intense workout you have planned. I mean, doesn't she know that you're serious about your training? Doesn't she realize that you are not just some average Joe weekend warrior? Doesn't she realize you are committed to losing this weight? Well that busybody may just be telling you something without you even realizing it. Her playful persiflage may be just the thing you need. 

The fact that she can carry on a conversation while running at a decent clip is an indicator that she's burning fat while that killer sprint you have planned may not accomplish the same thing.  Your muscles utilize two kinds of fuel while exercising and both at the same time; fat and sugar. What type of workout you're indulging in dictates what percentage of which of those fuels you burn the most. Ideally you would like to burn fat I am assuming. Seventy percent of the energy/calories comes from fat and is the type of fuel the muscle needs in order to keep the fat burning process going. Only thirty per cent comes from sugar. I will refrain from getting too technical and bore you into a nap, so let's just say that if the oxygen is cut off (you are out of breath) the muscle also gets "out of breath" and fat burning ceases although the body now will burn some sugar (glucose) through the anaerobic process. 

The principle to remember is that burning fat (and some glucose) requires oxygen so when one descends into a feeling of oxygen deprivation, one’s wonderful mechanism known as the human metabolism no longer has the capacity to use the fat as fuel. Of course intense explosive ATP burning exercise has its place but that is another article. This is why though that aerobic exercise, as much as some try to avoid it when trying to add muscle, is still paramount to facilitate the ability to access the fat stores in order to deplete them. The formula or recipe you want to find requires a little trial and error or maybe just practice. 

So, when putting yourself through your next run or aerobic endeavor, try to simply maintain the highest level at which you can perform without that oxygen deprivation. Ramp up that treadmill until you find yourself unable to eek out a complete sentence comfortably and back it off a notch or two. Find Chatty Cathy again and ask her how her mother-in-law is doing. You'll not only be happy about your faster results but hey, you'll have a new best Facebook buddy. It’s when she starts avoiding YOU that you have to worry!

Derek Kanady has over 30 years of personal training experience. He is a contributing editor to Examiner.com and Co-Founder of Texas HealthCare Partners and Founder of C.A.R.E Center, both rehabilitation companies. He is currently a personal trainer at The Core Houston.

The Core Houston is one of the largest personal training gyms and wellness facilities in the United States offering expert personal training, wellness services, state of the art equipment, first class amenities and other services to its members in Houston, Texas

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My name is Victor Gelsomino and I have been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years and in the fitness industry for 20 years.  I am always in search of the best workouts in the world! I visit different gyms to see what new and innovative equipment, training routines/training styles, and exercise classes they offer. I ask them to put me through their hardest workout and see if I can survive.  

The Gym

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Lee Schuppenhauer, owner an operator of The Core Houston, a Personal Training Gym and Wellness Center located in Houston, Texas.  Lee and his wife Shirley have owned a personal training gym for about 6 years, but recently rebranded and moved to a new location. Their new 2-story, 27,000 square foot facility, The Core Houston, just opened last September, 2014. They named it The Core because they wanted a place where people could come and have everything they needed, a one-stop-shop or central hub if you will, a "core" to their lives. 

The Core Houston is centrally located at 4665 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77027 where Highway 59 and South Loop 610 meet.  It is great location for people that live near or inside the loop (River Oaks, West University, Rice University area, Bellaire and the Galleria area.) The Core Houston's business model allows Personal Trainers to train as independent trainers by leasing space monthly and providing them with excellent trainer benefits as well as a state of the art personal training gym with top notch amenities for their clients. Because of this, The Core attracts the best of the best trainers in Houston who bring with them a professional, affluent list of clientele. It was important to The Core owners to create an atmosphere where Personal Trainers could maintain and grow their own businesses. In addition to independent Personal Trainers, The Core provides wellness services by leasing office space to prominent wellness professionals such as Chiropractors, Nutritionists, and Massage Therapists, and more. They have a plethora of amenities, including daily childcare, smoothie bar, coffee bar, pre-made meals, Tre Spa Too Blow Dry Bar, etc. Lee was nice enough to give me a tour of The Core Houston. Having worked and trained at a lot of gyms over the course of my career, I can honestly say that this place is a trainers dream. It has Concept 2 rowers, ski ergs, battle ropes, 9000 dollar treadmills, the Curve, rope pull machine, cross training rigs on both floors, TRX, Jacobs Latter, and a huge Life Fitness machine that looks like a jungle gym for adults! I had to stop myself from drooling all over the place.  This place was unlike anything I had seen before and it was absolutely amazing! 

The Workout  

After the tour was over the real work began. Lee said he had a trainer for me! I began to sweet immediately feeling a knot in my throat and my stomach began to turn. I knew this was coming but I wasn't ready. I was 4 cups of coffee deep and just slammed a pre-workout. I had been up late and it had been a busy morning. Bad mix if you're planning on taking on a workout from one of the trainers at The Core. Okay, no more excuses, I was here and I was determined to crush this workout! I swallowed my pride and said let's do this! He set me up with Nick Russo a Personal Trainer that has been with The Core for over 3 years. He has done multiple Triathlons and has been a trainer for over 10 years, well qualified to kick my butt! Nick does athletic style training so he really focuses on getting the full body involved and burning as many calories as possible. (Disclaimer: I have been a trainer for over ten years and been working out since I was 13 yrs. old so don't let this workout scare you. I asked for a hard workout and you know what they say, be careful what you wish for.) 

The Torture Begins 

First we started on the ski erg, it basically a row machine nailed to the wall with two separated handles to torture you with.  He informed me that I would be doing this for 2 minutes and as fast as I could! My face immediately grimaces and I start. It's basically like skiing, but really painful more like I fell down the mountain really fast. My heart...what heart...my brain replies. It's only begun and I am done. He drags me over to the Concept 2 rower and tells me to go another two minutes. He then throws me onto the rope pull machine for another 2 minutes. Okay I get it now, I am in deep water and there is no going back, only choice is to fight for my life. We walk over to the leg press and he puts it on 130 lbs. I thinking I got this no problem. Now he asks me to jump. What?! Yeah explode up and catch air and then land and do it again 15 times.  I laugh, as this must be a joke. This is no joke and the pain begins.  By the end my legs are shaking and I feel my oatmeal from this morning begin to say something to me. A little tiny voice says grumble. I shake it off and push threw. Up next pure destruction. He wants me to push a sled 90 ft. and then pull it all the way back. It's game time but there is no one in the stadium. I push but this thing won't move fast enough it's on rubber flooring which makes it super hard! The rubber binds together and I move like a drunken snail. I get to the end and there it is again that oatmeal in that tiny little voice saying help me. I shake it off. Now I have to pull it all the way back. He straps me in and I am ready to go! I pull as hard as I can to get this over with and feels like dragging boulders up a mountain. I make it to the end and I collapse. Its over! Thank God!!! But there it is again that oatmeal and its no longer a little voice but a screaming one, and it's very loud! It demands liberation! I look for the nearest bathroom. I see it back the other way 90 feet away, I sprint with what little power I have left in my legs. The oatmeal wins the war and gets its freedom! "You're not done, you still have more to go," Nick says. I think I am dying. Yep, I am dead. He wants to do abs and I want to take a nap. I decided it's only my life and the show must go on. I jump up on the cross training rig and do hanging leg raises with a twist, I bringing my knees as high as I can to the opposite elbow and twisting (major bummer after puking my guts out.) He has one more for me, TRX knee tucks while stabilizing one hand on a kettle bell, 8 reps on each side. I look like a whale mating with a baby seal. It's not pretty. I finish...I fall to the floor and proceed on my journey to the afterlife. It's finally over! Nailed it, but not really. 

The End 

Let me remind you that I asked for this. I asked for a hard workout that would try to make me puke. That's my job, to seek out the hardest and best workouts out there. Don't let my experience scare you. If you are a beginner, the trainers here can guide and help you achieve whatever your fitness goals are. I have been doing this a long time and need that high level training that puts me on my butt! Whether you're looking for a kick butt workout, a beginner program or something in the middle, The Core is a great place to go! It has so many machines and crazy gadgets and gizmos that it's impossible to pass up! Anyone who loves fitness will love this gym. So in closing, The Core is one of the best personal training gyms for independent Personal Trainers and clients to train. I have never seen anything like it and I have been to lots of gyms in my day. First chance you get you should go and check out The Core Houston!

The Core Houston is one of the largest personal training gyms and wellness facilities in the United States offering expert personal training, wellness services, state of the art equipment, first class amenities and other services to its members in Houston, Texas.

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Our new location is now open and we are having a great time!  We are so happy to be in our brand new, state of the art facility that is over 27,000 square feet! This new location affords us the ability to provide our clients and experienced Personal Trainers and Wellness Professionals with state of the art equipment, beautiful locker rooms/showers, a larger Kids Club Daycare Room, a full-service front desk area, a Smoothie Bar, Coffee Bar, Tre Spa 2 Salon, free expanded parking lot, multiple workout rooms for specific routines (TRX, Boxing, Pilates, etc) as well as office space for a variety of Wellness Services such as massage therapy, chiropractic services, and more! 

This new facility was specifically designed for our "core" service, which is Personal Training. With that in mind, we interviewed and requested feedback from several top trainers about the design and we are very happy with the results. Our goal with this new facility, was to attract the most experienced, best Personal Trainers in the Houston area. We feel that we have accomplished this and we will continue to provide exceptional amenities and services to our clients and trainers alike in order to maintain this high standard of quality. 

For our existing clients, trainers, and wellness professionals, we hope you as  happy as we are in your new home at The Core Houston. 

If you haven't yet visited us, please come and take a tour anytime. 

To learn more about The Core Houston, browse through our NEW website to view our photo gallery, amenities, services, and trainer and wellness professionals bios...as well as testimonials.

Contact us at any time at 713.528.4200 or email us!

Thank you,

Lee and Shirley Schuppenhauer
Owners, The Core Houston

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